The Crimeainvest-Real Estate Agency was founded in 2003 on basis of European traditions and experience. Crimeainvest is dedicated to giving professional realtor services to clients in the sphere of buying and selling of any real estate property on the primary and secondary markets along the southern coast ot Crimea. We service the area of the Greater Yalta region which spreads along the Black Sea coast from Alushta to Foros.
We guarantee our clients absolute juridical purity of all transactions. Our agents and lawyers will provide the best possible choice of properties avaliable on the market and guarantee proper juridical registration of your rights as a property owner. Our professional consultations in the sphere of real estate in the Greater Yalta region will help you to make the right choice, both in the investing money and for consumer purposes.
If necessery, we will help to insure your property, and in case of argument or conflict, our lawyers are ready to defend your interests in court.
The Crimeainvest Real Estate Agency consists of a professional team of realtors and lawyers who are ready to realize your plans, both as buyer and seller of real estate in the Greater Yalta region at the best prices with maximum quality of services and full guaranteed confidence and juridical purity of any real estate transactions.